This is a selfie I took while competing in the dance contest at Kelsey and Alex's awesome wedding!

It's your day. I just capture it.

I didn't choose photography. Photography chose me.  

As a high school basketball player, I experienced an injury that left me on the bench for a season, with a camera in my hand. I quickly realized I was much better with a camera than I was on the court. The team parents encouraged me to enter the Washington Post’s High School Photographer of the Year contest, which I won, and since then, I’ve never looked back. 

I love the pace of weddings. They keep me always "on." I’m fortunate to exercise my creativity in lots of mediums, shooting weddings, fashion, sports, concerts, and even small independent movies. This diversity gives me a unique perspective on bridal events. Where many photographers consider the dancing at the reception the “downtime” of shooting, it’s my favorite part of the night (you might even catch me showing off a move or two). 


On the off chance I don’t have a camera in-hand, I do still love to play basketball, and I’m starting to fall in love with long road trips. The excitement around weddings energizes me, especially when my clients see their final photos for the first time. Every event is a new adventure, and every new wedding ends up my favorite.

I want your wedding to be my new favorite!